Pioneer of the SUPERCLAD commercializing 

We specialize in the advanced materials and engineering part.

We have established ourselves as a leader in the engineering materials market with technical expertise and quality innovation, aiming for the highest quality prompt response to customer needs and satisfaction.

Our proprietary brand, functionally graded nanocarborn powder and composite materials are crucial in the manufacturing processes of almost all engineering material product.
With our technology expertise that allows us to perfom the entire manufacturing process from raw marterial design and controlling, fabricating and new evaluation method, we are able to provide expedited delivery ahead of our competitors.

Next-Generation Materials Co., Ltd.(NGM) will continue to develop cutting-edge materials and technology. Based on the corporate philosophy of respect for human and environment-conscious, we will do our best to support all customers.

We thank you for your consistent encouragement and interest in NGM, an intrepid market leader in material science and innovation.

                                                                                                                CEO. Dr. Prof. Hansang Kwon

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